Who should be on your Parkinson’s care team?

A recent post on the blog of the National Parkinson’s Foundation asks a provocative question:

Will involving a neurologist in the care of a Parkinson’s disease patient makes a difference in outcome? 

In her post on the NPF blog entitled “The Case for All Parkinson’s Disease Patients to be Co-managed by a Primary Care-Neurologist Team,” Tennessee-based Cathy Whitlock calls attention to an interesting research paper that was published this summer in Neurology— the official journal of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN).

The August 30, 2011 Neurology paper, “Neurologist care in Parkinson disease: A utilization, outcomes, and survival study,” was authored by Allison Wright Willis, MD (Assistant Professor of Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis) and her colleagues M. Shootman, B.A. Evanoff, J.S. Perlmutter, & B.A. Racette.

The paper and Cathy’s blog post are worth reading as they address the perennial question asked by PD patients: “What can I do to be sure I am getting the best possible treatment for my Parkinson’s disease,” with a response grounded in medical research to “make sure you are co-managed by both a neurologist and a primary care physician.”

While we think it’s important to also have a first-rate physical therapist with a knowledge of PD exercise therapies on a care team, this is a thought provoking question. Read Cathy’s article for more…

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Best Parkinson’s Blogs

People have a lot to say and share about Parkinson’s Disease.

From “patients” (hate that word”) to caregivers, physical therapists, researchers, medical professionals, associations and membership groups — there are THOUSANDS of blogs online which are focused on various aspects of Parkinson’s.

With so many blogs to choose from, you may be asking: “Which are the Best Parkinson’s Blogs on the Web?”  

Over the months to come, The Theracycle Blog will research, identify and let you know which blogs we’ve seen that stand out in the crowd for the quality of the information they deliver, the passion of their tone, and other distinguishing features that set them apart.

Are you a Parkinson’s Blogger?

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Who’s on your Bloglist? What blogs do you follow? Visit regularly?

While not a comprehensive list, a list of “40 Blogs to Follow for Parkinson’s Awareness Month” that was posted in April 2011 on Nursingschools.net includes a solid compendium of some of the best PD blogs today.

Here courtesy of NursingSchools.net is their the list of “40 Blogs to Follow for Parkinson’s Awareness Month” 

Hope you find it interesting and helpful.

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